Gardens & leisure activities
Gardens & leisure activities
Gardens & leisure activities

Gardens: wonderful strolls

Water gardens,  

which are right next the hotel, and where warerfalls ponds and brooks accomodate exotic lotuses and multicoloured nymphet. 



The Gardens and the Eyrignac Manor,

Historical monuments dated from the 17th et 18th, under the quality label « remarkable Gardens» of the “topiary” art.



Marqueyssac gardens,

classified site, the belvedere of the Dordogne at an altitude of 192m and its romantic walks.


The gardens of imagination

contemporary gardens, overlooking the vezere Valley



Sports and Leisures :
Country « Nature » par excellence, the Perigord offers a lot of activities.

Has two, in family, between friends,
A full of discoveries : cliffs, Dordogne's beach, forests ...


Canoé, mongolfière, mountain bike, caving, climbing, ulm, acrobranche, golf,
hikes or in bike...